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Cyber Wellness

What is Cyber Wellness?

According to MOE and MDA, Cyber Wellness refers to:

    Positive well-being of Internet users
    Understanding of the norms of appropriate use
    An awareness of how to protect oneself and other Internet users
    An understanding of the risks of harmful online behaviour

Cyber Wellness Education:

The aim of the cyber wellness education is to help students recognise the power of the web to benefit oneself and the community, so that they have the skills and knowledge to thrive in this new world.

MOE Cyber Wellness Framework

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Goal of MOE’s Cyber Wellness Curriculum

To equip our children with life-long social-emotional competencies and sound values so that they can become safe, respectful responsible users of ICT.


Cyber Wellness Curriculum in Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

There are four cyber wellness themes.

        Cyber use promotes balanced use of ICT. Are our students in control of their ICT use or are they a slave to technology?

        Cyber identity promotes healthy self-identity online. A well-developed identity enables us to know our strengths, weaknesses, and individual uniqueness. Are they the same person both online and offline? How do our students manage their online reputation?

        Cyber relationship helps students maintain a safe and meaningful one online. Do our students interact online with social-cultural sensitivities? In the lesson on cyber bullying, we teach our students to stand up for and to reach out to peers who are bullied online.

        Cyber citizenship promotes positive presence through helping students understand the cyber world, know how to handle online content and manage contacts. Students learn to make informed decisions about their online participation. Are free Apps really free? How can students create and share their works online? The choices we make are guided by values and reveal our character and value system.


Resources on Parental Controls

To find out how to set up these parental controls and filters, please click the relevant links below:

·         Internet Browsers (source obtained from Schoolbag.sg)

·         Microsoft Windows Operating System (please note that you have to click on the Windows on the top right corner to select your version of the OS)

·         Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad

Providing a holistic cyber wellness education requires a partnership between schools and parents. Thank you for your commitment in supporting the children as they learn in this 21st century world.

Good Resources - Tips on Cyber Wellness

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