Art Club

Training Schedule

Day    :  Fridays

Time  : 2.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Venue: Art Room 1 and 2

Teacher In-Charge :

Mdm Julie Tay

Miss Ann Pei

Brief description of Art Club

Art Club provides different avenues and platforms for the holistic development of the pupils in Art. Pupils are engaged through the different art forms to achieve the overarching objectives of lifelong learning and character building.


  • To nurture an interest in art. 
  • To develop creativity and self-expression. 
  • To develop good habits of mind and character. 
  • To inculcates a sense of team spirit, ownership and belonging to the school. 
Through the years, pupils were be exposed to 2D form of painting like Acrylic painting, watercolour painting. Pupils will also be exposed to 3D art form like sculptures and sand animation. Pupils in art club are exposed to different art styles, artists and art movements through visits to art galleries and museums whenever possible. Pupils will gain a greater understanding of concepts and ideas in fine art. Pupils will actively participate in Art Competitions.

Achievements & Highlights of 2017

Pupils have attended 8 sessions of Sand Animation and a group of pupils were selected to perform during Children’s’ Day and Year End Prize Giving Ceremony.   Art Club members took part in the SYF Art exhibition 2017 Category C.

Batik Painting
Sand Animation
SYF Art Exhibition 2017