Training Schedule

Day: Friday

Time: 2 pm to 3.30 pm

Some events are on Saturdays.


Miss Amrita Dhillon EXT 545
Mdm Nurafida EXT 543

Brief description of Brownies

Guiding Vision

The voice of girls who influence issues they care about and strive to build a better world. 

Guiding Mission 

To enable girls to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world. 

Brownies are encouraged to explore and become more independent. They are constantly learning new skills and challenged to try new and adventurous activities that will inspire them to think about what they want to be and do in the future.

Brownies learn to work and play independently and also in teams. On special occasions, Brownies do fun things together with other Brownie or Girl Guide units for joint learning adventures! Activities may include Division Days and outdoor cooking. Along the way, they learn to care for each other and other people around them and make lasting friendships.

5-Point Programme

Brownies are guided by a comprehensive 5-Point Programme, which develops them in 5 areas: 

  • Personal & Social Development – Healthy Me, Courteous Me, Cultured Me 
  • Home – Home Safety & Duties 
  • Outdoor – Discovering Nature, A Green World 
  • Community – My Country, My Neighbourhood, Helper 
  • International – My Brownie Friend, My World 

Brownies enjoy working for interest badges and awards that will help them develop new skills.

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Achievements and Highlights for 2018


  • Participate in World Thinking Day (Theme: Impact)
  • East Division Brownie Revel
  • Girl Guides Cookies Sale
  • Migrant Workers Outreach
  • Silver Award for Puan Nur Aishah Award
  • 8 Brownies received the Chief Commisioner’s Award
  • Year-end combined camp with Scouts held in school in November, where they experienced cave exploration, a night confidence walk, and a campfire.
  • P4 to P6 brownies were actively involved in school events such as:
  • Thinking Day in February
  • Parents-teachers Meeting in March
  • National Day Celebrations in August.