Chinese Orchestra

Training Schedule


Day & Time

CO Instruments


Main Group:

Sectional Practice




: 笛子, 笙,唢呐

(Dizi, Sheng, Suona)


: 二胡,大提琴,被大提琴

(Erhu, Cello, Double Base)



(Pipa, Ruan, Yangqin, Liuqin)





Respective CO rooms and classrooms for each section

Main Group:

Full Orchestra




吹拉弹打 大组练习

Combined Practice

CO Room

Beginners Group








Pipa and Dizi



Respective CO rooms and classrooms for each section

CCA Teachers


Overall In Charge (OIC)

Miss Gan Ching Ching

2nd OIC (大组练习)

(Combined Practice)

Mrs. Hue-Tan Siew Hoon

2nd OIC (Ruan, 柳琴Liuqin)

Mdm. Tan Siew Sian




大组练习Combined Practice

Mrs. Goh-Wong Lee Ping





Mrs. Tan-Liang Kok Fen



Mrs. Shirley Choong


Mdm. Seow Kheng Ling


被大提琴Double Base

Miss Kang Mui Tiang



Mdm. Jeslin Yeo


Mrs. Seah-Tan Hui Xian




Beginners’ Gp OIC     笛子Dizi

Mdm. Tang Ling Ling

Beginners’ Gp TIC     笛子Erhu

Mdm. Ho Yan Lin

Beginners’ Gp TIC     琵琶 Pipa

Mdm. Ho Si Yi

Brief description of Chinese Orchestra

In Kong Hwa School, our Chinese Orchestra (CO) is led by our esteemed CO conductor, Mr. Liu Bin. Coupled with a team of dedicated KHS teachers and our highly qualified instructors, we aim to develop all our members holistically with an edge in their musical talent in Chinese Orchestra.

Our members learn life-skills such as team work, perseverance and commitment when the various sections of the orchestra work collaboratively together to perform as an orchestra. We view attendance, punctuality, preparedness, consistent effort and positive attitude in our members as quintessential criteria to bring out the best in each and every member in KHS CO.

As part of our effort to build stronger musical foundation in the various Chinese instruments for potential members in CO, the school has started the Beginners’ Program to recruit young musicians in Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils to give them a head start in experiencing and learning the Chinese musical instruments. Upon selection based on their performance in the Beginners’ Program, they will be encouraged to take up CO as their CCA in P3 to continue their learning experience till Primary 6. We seeks to build continuity and commitment in their learning journey as a musician over the 6 years when they are with us so that we can help to fully actualise their potential as a musician.

We are also proud to be the only primary school in Singapore that has attained 3 consecutive Gold with Honours award in the past Singapore Youth Festivals and had clinched the highest award of Distinction in 2018 SYF. We look forward to participating in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYF) in 2020 and work towards yet another year of outstanding achievement.

In addition to our outstanding achievements in national platforms like the SYFs, we also strive to provide showcasing opportunities for our members within schools through events like Chinese New Year, KHS Aesthetic Showcase and beyond schools at Singapore Hokkein Huay Kuan and other venues.

Achievements and Highlights for 2018

Singapore Youth Festival (Distinction)

Various Performance in schools (Chinese New Year, Mooncake Festival, Aesthetic Showcase, etc) and beyond schools (Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan)