Infocomms Club

Training Schedule

Day    : Mondays

Time  : 2.30pm to 4pm

Venue: Computer Room 2 A301 & Computer Room 3 Room 3 A302

Teachers In-Charge : 

Ms Foo Wanru Yvette 
Mr Low Kok Leong 

Brief description of Infocomm Club 

Infocomm Club aims to broaden and deepen our members’ Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills, by imparting them with the latest 21st century ICT tools. 

Kong Hwa School Infocomm Club enthuses and empowers our members about Infocomm by engaging students in meaningful hands-on journey through a hands-on experiential learning. 

Pupils would have opportunities to use information technology to help them express their creativity whilst learning to cultivate leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities through school-based activities. 

Members would be trained from the following pool of activities: 
  • Mobile Game Apps / Programming  
  • Photography / Videography
  • Photo Manipulation and Digital Illustration  

Achievements & Highlights of 2017

Primary 4 to 6 pupils used Sketch Up software in Term 2. They started off with creating furniture and simple objects. Then, as their final assignment, they created their very own Dream Houses.   

Samples of students’ final products: 

Chia Cheng Han’s Dream House

Goh Kie Ren's Dream House

Ho Qian Yi's Dream House

Mariss Toh's Dream House

In term 3, Primary 3 to 5 students embarked on the Robotics Junior course using Edison robots. Students were challenged to programme their robots to do different tasks and reactions in regard to the different scenarios laid out by their instructors.