Training Schedule

School Team

Day    : Every Mondays

Time  : 2.30pm to 4pm

Venue: ISH1

CCA Team

Day    : Every Fridays

Time  : 2.30pm to 4pm

Venue: ISH1

Competition Period:
19 March – 29 March 2018 (estimated)

Teachers In-Charge : 

Miss Huang Jie huang_jie@moe.edu.sg Ext 553
Miss Chow Yak Theng chow_yak_theng@moe.edu.sg Ext 563
Mr Albert Tan tan_chok_how_albert@moe.edu.sg Ext 551
Mr Jonathan Lee lee_ern_hui_jonathan@moe.edu.sg Ext 586

Brief description of Wushu CCA

In Wushu, the pupils will develop an understanding of the fundamental skills of Wushu, Quanshu and various weapons. Wushu serves more as a medium in the teaching of Chinese culture and tradition. By combining physical exercise and cultural study, Wushu lessons help foster pupils’ enthusiasm and love for the ancient sport in each gesture and move.They will achieve character development and personal growth in areas such as self-discipline, confidence, resilience and teamwork. 

Over the years, our Wushu Team had put up many performances in school also took part in the annual National Inter-Primary School Wushu Championships.

Achievements & Highlights of 2017
National Primary Schools Wushu Championship 2017 

1) Leo Yi Long (P5/6) 
Junior Boys Division
-1st position in 42-Style Taijiquan 
-2nd position in 42-Style Taijijian 
-2nd position in Cudgel 

2)Leo Zhi Xuan (P3/2) 
Junior Girls Division
-2nd position in 42-Style Taijiquan 
-1st position in 32-Style Taijijian 
-3rd position in Spear 

3)Tay She Xuan (P3/7)
Junior Girls Division 
 -3rd position in 24-Style Taijiquan 

4)Ray Tan (P6/1) 
Senior Boys Division 
-4th position in 5-Duan Broadsword   

 5)Flavia Sim (P6/5) 
Senior Girls Division 
-3rd position in Changquan 
-2nd position in Broadsword

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Training Wushu.JPG