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P5 Camp 2018

P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp 2017 
Frequently Asked Questions  

Camp Pack List (Kong Hwa P5 Camp 2018 @ DFAC)

1.         Why do we have outdoor adventure camp for Primary 5 students?

This camp will incorporate adventure learning and character development. It seeks to explore and impart values of teamwork, cooperation and confidence building through various challenges that will require students to explore beyond their comfort zones and find solutions for complex situations.

After every activity, group facilitation would be carried out to ensure that learning points are delivered and internalised.


2.         What are some of the outdoor skills and activities the students will be



(a)    Outdoor cooking skills

(b)   Rock wall climbing

(c)    Ziplining

(d)   Team-building Stations activities

(e)    High Challenge Course activities

(f)    Low Elements activities

(g)   Navigational and orienteering skills

(h)   Abseiling


3.         What are the precautions the school will be taking to ensure the well-         being and safety of the students?


(a)    Temperature taking exercise will be conducted every morning to ensure those who are not feeling well are taken care of early.


(b)   A sick bay is on site for students who are unwell to rest and wait for their parents to fetch them home if they need to be taken out for further treatment and rest.


(c)    All camp facilitators are trained in Standard First Aid with CPR and AED certification. Most of our teachers are also certified in Standard First Aid with CPR and AED.


(d)   All camp facilitators are certified to run and facilitate the activities mentioned in paragraph 2 above.


(e)    For medical emergencies, there is a 24 hour vehicle with a First Aider on standby. The nearest 24 hour clinic is at Singapore General Hospital and for serious emergencies, they will be sent to KK Hospital.


(f)    Before each activity, facilitators will check with the students if anyone is not feeling well. This is to ensure that students who are unwell do not carry out the activity.


(g)   If any students do not feel comfortable with a particular activity, they can opt out of the activity. However, students are strongly encouraged to participate in all activities so that they can obtain the maximum learning benefits from the camp programme.


4.         Where and when will the students be dismissed?


            The students will be bused back to school on 28 July, Saturday at an estimated arrival time back in school at 11.30 am.


5.         If I need to speak to my child during the camp who can I call?


            In case of an emergency where your child has to be contacted, you can call this telephone number:  8543 5811.


6.         If I have further questions, who can I refer to?


            You can email your questions to the following persons:

            1. Mr James Khoo at khoo_wenzhong_james@moe.edu.sg

Note: Please ensure your child has all the items stated on the packing list.

Camp Pack List (Kong Hwa P5 Camp 2018 @ DFAC)