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Character Development

Character development involves learning, growth and change. It is the shared responsibility of all stakeholders in education. At Kong Hwa School, Character Development comprises values education (VEP), the teaching of Social Emotional competencies and authentic learning and application through serving.


  • To nurture responsible members of family and society with sound character and values
  • To nurture independent thinkers and leaders with high self-esteem and awareness of their intra- and interpersonal qualities
  • To foster a caring and supportive school culture which ensures shared responsibility in character development among staff and stakeholders of the school


  • Community Involvement Programme (CIP)
  • Values Education programme (VEP)
  • STARS Buddy programme

Community Involvement Programme (CIP)

The community involvement programme seeks to actively involve the pupils in various community projects to teach them to give back to society.  It provides a platform for pupils to serve the school and the community, preparing them for a lifetime of active citizenship. Through the process of serving, pupils learn to acquire a strong sense of belonging and commitment to caring for others.

Values Education programme (VEP)

The Values Education Programme is a supplementary programme to complement the good practices at Kong Hwa School. It seeks to enhance the pupils’ personal, social and emotional development thereby improving their social and communication skills. Each term, two school values are selected to set the focus for the classroom, co-curricular and various activities thereby allowing purposeful participation on an extensive and expansive level.

The termly Values are:

Term 1- Responsibility and cooperation
Term 2- Honesty and humility
Term 3- Respect and Integrity
Term 4- Tolerance and Filial Piety 

STARS Buddy programme

The STARS Buddy programme is a collaborative project with Dunman High and Chung Cheng High. It aims to provide identified pupils with academic support in a caring environment that builds friendship while at the same time inculcating the values of care, respect and responsibility. The secondary school students come to Kong Hwa School every Wednesday to mentor and guide these pupils. Time is also set aside for them to interact and play with their charges.