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Vision and Mission
At Kong Hwa, we aim to develop every Kong Hwaian into an effective and confident communicator.

Syllabus Aims
Kong Hwaians will be able to communicate effectively in English as a result of their development in the following areas:

Listen, read and view critically and with accuracy and understanding

Speak, write and represent in internationally acceptable English (Standard English)

Understand and use internationally acceptable English (Standard English) grammar and vocabulary accurately and appropriately

Key Programmes
1. STELLAR Curriculum

For Primary 1 to 6, STELLAR is the approach used in the EL classroom.

STELLAR stands for STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading


    Aims of STELLAR:

  • promote a positive attitude towards reading
  • strengthen language & reading skills
  • use of authentic children's literature to teach grammar and vocabulary

2. Applied Learning Programme (ALP)