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"Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it." 

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essayist, Poet (1803 - 1882) 


To immerse our pupils in an environment that supports the learning of the English Language and develop them into fluent and critical users of the language. 


    Leveraging on outdoor exploration, pupils are challenged to move out of their comfort zone and discover their innate curiosity and creativity through engaging learning processes which involve their initiatives, quick thinking, sharp observation skills, well-co-ordinated teamwork and good sportsmanship. The customized “hands-on, minds-on” participatory learning opportunities engage the pupils in borderless learning. 

    “Tailor-made” enrichment courses are organized to stretch pupils' potential for excellence in language mastery and expression besides honing their critical thinking skills. These courses lead pupils to showcase their enhanced language skills through performances, drama, debates and the like. 

    Pupils with talents in language skills are groomed and nurtured through exposure and participation in national and international competitions to build strong self-confidence and foster a culture of risk-taking.

Lower Primary Learning Journey (Jurong Bird Park)

Bird park (1)_1632x1224.jpg

  • These are Lower Primary pupils learning about birds from interactive exhibitions at the Jurong Bird Park. Kong Hwa School organizes learning journeys like these to engage the pupils and broaden their knowledge beyond academic work.
Bird park (2)_1224x1632.jpg
  • The pupils keenly taking notes as the guide gives them insightful information about the birds at the Jurong Bird Park.
Bird Park (3)_2136x1424.jpg
  • A pupil is following the guide’s instructions and holding a hoop for a bird to fly through at the Amphitheatre Bird Show. Through hands-on experiences, pupils take home memories that will stay imprinted in their minds.

Speak Good English Movement cum Book Character Day

SGEM 1_1632x1224.jpg
  • Pupils dress up as their favourite characters from renowned books and movies on Book Character Day. The purpose of this is to engage the pupils as they play the role of the characters from books and to pique their interest in reading.
SGEM 2_1632x1224.jpg

  • Lower Primary pupils are talking about their characters and costumes on stage. The best-dressed pupils from each class will be called onto the stage to describe their characters and their thoughts or feelings towards them.
SGEM 3_1632x1224.jpg

  • Teachers are preparing to perform a short skit to promote the use of good English and  to engage and excite the pupils. Indeed, we have a talented and fun-loving bunch of teachers!

SGEM 4_300x400.jpg
  • A pupil is sharing more about his character and inspiration for his costume with the rest of his class. On Book Character Day, pupils are encouraged to share more about their favourite books and characters with their classmates to share their love for reading.

Storytelling Competition and Lower Primary Choral Reading

Storytelling 1_1632x1224.jpg

  • This is a pupil narrating a story during the storytelling competition finale, which will be held on Book Character Day. Each class sends one representative to participate in this Storytelling Competition which test pupils' articulation and narration skills as well as their ability to engage the listener.\
Storytelling 2_1224x1632.jpg
  • A pupil dresses as Gingerbread Man, narrating a modified version of a story for the judges during the preliminary rounds of the Storytelling Competition. What a “sweet” boy! Pupils are encouraged to think out of the box and create new versions of old tales to unleash their imagination. 
Storytelling 3.JPG

  • Lower Primary pupils are doing choral reading as part of the Speak Good English Movement. The goal is to encourage the pupils to improve their pronunciation and command of English as well as to build a strong foundation for reading at a young age.

Storytelling Workshop

ST workshop 1_400x299.jpg

  • Pri 3 and 4 pupils are answering questions during a Storytelling Workshop held in lieu of the Speak Good English Movement. Students undergo this interactive workshop to improve their narration, pronunciation and storytelling skills.
ST workshop 2_400x299.jpg
  • Pupils taking notes during a Storytelling Workshop held in conjunction with the Speak Good English Movement.
ST workshop 3_400x299.jpg
  • The coach is engaging the pupils in a meaningful, engaging and informative Storytelling Workshop. Pupils get to learn several skills linked to effectively deliver stories and passages to an audience.

Upper Primary Debate Workshop

debate 1_1632x1224.jpg
  • Pri 5 and 6 pupils of Kong Hwa School are participating in a friendly debate against other Primary Schools on several topics related to pupils. Through this event, the pupils are given the opportunity to stretch their thinking and effective communication skills. They get to explore their fullest potential and represent their school!
debate 2_1632x1224.jpg
  • Kong Hwa School’s pupils are preparing for a debate competition. This debate workshop gives the pupils a large amount of exposure as well as a good opportunity for their self-development in terms of skills and confidence.