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Every Konghwaian, An Analytical Thinker and A confident and Creative Problem Solver

In line with the vision, the Mathematics programme not only places emphasis on the appreciation of Mathematics as a practical and creative activity for pupils but also develops in them an interest in learning Mathematics and perseverance in solving Mathematics problems.

Joy of Learning in Mathematics through Experiential Learning
To nurture the joy of learning in mathematics, meaningful learning experiences were designed to encourage active learning through play. Students have fun with mathematics through learning experiences that help to develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach, and to make sense of various mathematical ideas as well as their connections and applications. 







Learning Mathematics through Recess Games
Math Playground gives pupils the opportunity to learn and reinforce mathematical concepts through play in a non-threatening environment during recess. Pupils play mathematics games with their fellow pupils who are chosen to be Math Facilitators.



Problem Solving with Heuristics (P1 to P6)
Various heuristics skills are introduced systematically and progressively to help our pupils develop competency in problem solving through meaningful and challenging tasks. Together with Polya’s Problem Solving Techniques, these tasks help pupils develop essential thinking routine when solving mathematics problems.


Learning Support for Mathematics
Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) is an early intervention effort aimed at providing additional support for our Primary 1 and 2 pupils who find learning mathematics challenging. This programme equips the pupils with the basic numeracy and literacy skills, thereby boosting their confidence in mathematics problem solving. With the belief that all pupils can learn mathematics, teachers help their pupils by ensuring that they experience success in learning mathematics.


Enrichment Programmes
The E2K Mathematics Programme is a mathematics enrichment programme for selected Primary 4 and 5 pupils who demonstrate interest and ability in Mathematics. It aims to develop in pupils mathematical reasoning skills and deepen their conceptual understanding through an inquiry approach.

Pupils will have opportunities to collaborate with their peers and engage in mathematical thinking through resources such as puzzles, games and mathematics explorations which are specially designed for the programme. The rich learning experiences offered by the programme serve to help pupils to develop the habits, attitudes and dispositions mathematicians possess, as well as to gain important 21st century competencies such as critical and inventive thinking and effective communication skills.

Besides the E2K Mathematics Programme, we aim to develop in our pupils higher-order problem solving skills and stretch their problem solving abilities to their fullest potential through Mathematics Olympiad training programme and external mathematics competitions.