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"To enable each Kong Hwaian to acquire an inquisitive mind through creative means of learning Mathematics". In line with the vision, the Mathematics programme not only places emphasis on the appreciation of Mathematics as a practical and creative activity for pupils but also develops in them an interest in learning Mathematics and perseverance in solving Mathematics problems.

Fun with Maths

MATHS FOCUS ROOM FACILITATION is made available during the recess periods. Pupils learn Mathematics through playing Maths Games under the supervision of their fellow pupils who are chosen to be Maths Facilitators.

Experiential Learning

The department aims to increase pupils’ awareness of Mathematics beyond textbook through experiential learning as a mean of instructional activities.  This provides an opportunity for pupils to acquire and apply Mathematics concepts and skills in a variety of situations.


P1 & P2 Math Quest

The primary objective of the quest is to reinforce the Mathematics concepts learnt in the school’s curriculum by using a problem-based learning approach.  The P1 and P2 children solve Mathematics problems in a light-hearted manner through station works. The secondary objective of the quest is to promote teamwork and creativity among them.

Additional Support for Pupils

The Learning Support for Mathematics programme provides support for pupils who find Mathematics learning challenging. This programme equips the pupils with the basic numeracy and literacy skills, thereby boosting their confidence in Mathematics problem solving.

Enrichment Programmes

The following enrichment programmes aim to develop in the pupils higher-order problem solving skills which include non-routine, open-ended and real-world problems.

  • Mathematics Olympiad Training Programme
  • Heuristics Math Workshop
  • MAPS (Multiple Approaches in Problem Solving) Programme        
  • External Math Competitions


Engaging Parents is part of the school effort to enhance home support for pupil learning. The department organises Math workshops for parents every year. The objectives are to better equip parents with approaches and strategies to guide their children through their learning and preparations for examinations.

manipulative 1.jpg manipulative 2.jpg manipulative 3.jpg
Pupils working with manipulative

Heuristic Math.jpg Heuristic Math 2.jpg
Heuristic Math Workshop

Math using ICT.jpg
Using ICT in the classroom

Learning journey to the Zoo 1.jpgLearning journey to the Zoo 2.jpg

Learning journey to the zoo

Learning journey to the birdpark 1.jpg
Learning journey to the birdpark 2.jpg
Learning journey to the bird park

interdisciplinary trail.jpg
Interdisciplinary trail @ Vivocity