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Physical Education

PE Curriculum
To ensure every Kong Hwain is physically active and fit, PE lessons are planned to be fun and robust where pupils learn knowledge, attitude and skills as fundamental as throwing and catching as well as various folk dances and games concepts. Besides learning skills to master the fundamental movements, dance and rhythm, pupils learn to live and demonstrate the values such as fair play, sportsmanship, teamwork and consideration for others as they play, dance, exercise and interact with their classmates.

PE indeed plays an important role in the overall holistic development of the pupils and paves the way to inspire and lead the pupils to live a healthy and active lifestyle throughout their life.


PE Carnival
Sports Carnival provided a platform in increasing pupils' exposure to a variety of sports and games that are not available in school. The pupils can apply the fundamental and game skills learnt during their PE lessons to play the games. On top of having fun, values are emphasised during the play to promote good sportsmanship.

The following sports and games have been specially selected for the following levels.

P1 – Golf

P2 – Bowling

P3 – Tchoukball

P4 – Inline Skating

P5 – Sports Chanbara

P6 – Bossaball

PE Carnival 2.jpg

PE Carnival 1.jpg

SHHK Sports Day
shhk sports day.jpg