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Co-Curricular Activities

“CCAs are an integral part of the holistic, well-rounded education that MOE seeks to provide for students.  CCAs help to nurture in students qualities like resilience, tenacity, confidence and perseverance, which, in turn, develop strength of character that will enable them to better adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world”, Ministry of Education.

At Kong Hwa School, a broad range of CCAs is offered to the pupils mainly from P3 onwards.  There are four main categories; Sports and Games, Aesthetics, Clubs and Societies and Uniformed Groups. CCA allow pupils to pursue their passions and interests outside the classrooms and provide opportunities for interaction among pupils from different levels and classes. Through participation in CCAs, pupils can develop special talents as well as good character, leadership, skills, attitudes and values that will prepare them for the challenges of the future.

Talented students are identified and nurtured to represent the school for competitions or performance. To support our students' CCA learning, the school engages qualified instructors to work with our CCA teachers to curate meaningful learning programmes and activities for our students during CCA. 

Clubs & Society

Performing Arts

Sports & Games

Uniformed Group