Training Schedule

Day    : Mondays

Time  : 2.30 pm to 4 pm

Venue: Parade Square

Teacher In-Charge : 

Miss Lim Hui Keng Ext 525
Mrs Gaytri Thapa EXT 521

Brief description of Netball CCA

Netball is a Co-Curricular Activity for girls. It is a ball game played by two teams of seven players. In this CCA, the girls will learn how to send and receive a ball through various passes like the Chest pass, the Lob and the Bounce Pass. They will also learn how to shoot the ball into the hoop of the goal post. The object of the game is to send the ball into the opponent’s territory and shoot it into the hoop at a goal post.  

The focus of the school’s Netball CCA is inculcate in the girls a love for the sport in the hope that they would continue to play the sport as a life-long pursuit, not only for enjoyment but as a healthy pursuit to keep them fit and healthy.

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