Training Schedule

Day    : Fridays

Time  : 2.30pm to 4.00pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre


Mdm Chew Siew Leng
Mrs Christine Kang

Brief description of Tchoukball

Tchoukball is a relatively new sport in Singapore. It was first introduced to schools in 2006, after the Tchoukball Association of Singapore (TBAS) was set up. Tchoukball is a non-contact team sport that emphasizes on speed, teamwork and strategy. It involves a unique set of rules and elements of volleyball, basketball and handball. The sport can be played by anyone regardless of varying physical and sporting abilities.   

Our Tchoukball CCA shares the same belief with the founder of Tchoukball, Dr Herman Brandt – “the objective of human physical activities is not to make champions, but rather to help construct a harmonious society”. Through authentic settings and platforms during practice and competition, students will not only acquire and refine on their physical abilities and motor skills, but most importantly, develop various social and emotional skills like self-awareness, relationship management and responsible decision making which better equips them for the 21st century.

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