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Edusave Character Award (ECHA)

1.     MOE introduced the Edusave Character Award (ECHA) in 2012 to recognise students who demonstrate exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and actions. This is part of the larger goal to foster an inclusive and stronger Singapore as we broaden the qualities and achievements to be encouraged and applauded. The award also supports schools’ continuing efforts in nurturing students of good values and character, who are active contributors and concerned citizens.

2.     The objectives of the ECHA are:

  • To send a clear and strong signal of the importance that MOE places on character and values, on par with achievements in the academic domain;
  • To recognise outstanding students in each school who are exemplary in character, and who can be role models to inspire others.  

Form of Award  
3.     ECHA awardees will receive a certificate and an award voucher. The ECHA award quanta are as follows:  

Level of Awardee

Award Quantum

Primary 1 to 3


Primary 4 to 6


4.     Parents, students, teaching staff, non-teaching staff and other key stakeholders (VSP, Alumni, and parents who have had more than one interaction with the nominee) may nominate deserving students. All nominations have to be made using the Nomination Form, available from the Kong Hwa School website and Parent Gateway from 1 June 2021.    

5.     Completed nomination forms with supporting evidence(s) must be submitted to the General Office or Form Teachers by 5 p.m., 6 July 2021. For queries and clarifications, please contact Mr Jerry Yang, Head of Department (Character and Citizenship Education) at yang_ziyi@moe.edu.sg. Thank you.    

Eligibility Criteria  
1.    Student must be a Singapore citizen.
2.    Student must demonstrate good character and values in a consistent manner, and would serve as a role model for others. Students may be identified for the following types of qualities:

    a.    Qualities associated with any of the school values: Students should preferably be nominated for termly                Model Student at least once; and/or
    b.    Demonstrate a high level of civic responsibility: Students must demonstrate concerns about issues                        related to their community or issues faced by others. They could initiate simple action or play an active                role to address these issues and demonstrate commitment to making a difference; and/or
    c.     Qualities associated with resilience: Students who persevere despite facing difficult circumstances (e.g.                financial problems, health issues, family issues, peer resistance etc.) and manage to overcome the odds             and still do commendably well in academic and non-academic domains.

3.     Students may be nominated regardless of their academic results provided that their weak academic results are not due to negative character traits but are attributed to difficulties that go beyond the control of the student.